On a greener journey

Hearthy Matcha is also


No GMO used
Hearthy Matcha is Organic Certified by OCIA* and OF&G*.Non-EU agriculture, this is a pure product manufactured in Japan.

OCIA*: Organic Crop Improvement Association) OF&G*: Organic Farmers and Growers


Only ever made from Camellia sinensis leaves (green tea) and stone-ground as per the traditional process to produce Matcha.

Minimal Eco Packaging

Reduce waste
We endeavour to have a great ecological footprint by using a resealable and recyclable paper bag. The Matcha is protected in kraft paper bag with foil to prevent it from humidity, and sunlight.

Carbon Neutral

A sip to our future
We believe in a clean planet unthreatened by global warming. We offset our carbon emission by helping to reforest the world. A sip to our future. Cheers!

Hearthy Matcha plant trees

We plant trees when you drink Hearthy Matcha
The Hearthy Matcha teas are made with care and love from the earth to your heart. It is a long journey from Japan to your doorstep, which is not without any carbon emissions.

This is why we offset our entire carbon footprint by eliminating the entire CO2 generated for every trip from Japan to the UK. We have made it one of our missions to aid mother nature in her battle against climate change and environmental degradation.

We are supporting reforestation and conservation projects across the world. You can decide to plant a free tree with us during your purchase. See our growing forest here, Tree-Nation.

Each sip of Hearthy Matcha tea can boost the Earth towards a great brighter future. Cheers!
"Happiness is the reward for making something good happen. It required our heart and passion for mother nature to make it Hearthy." 

 - Hearthy Matcha -