OUR RANGE OF MATCHA

The Matcha tea will have a different taste depending on when the green tea leaves have been harvested. ​Two to four weeks before the harvesting time, the leaves are shaded to prevent direct sunlight exposure.
This process results in a higher Chlorophyll concentration (which give the leaves their vibrant green colour), a sweet taste, and higher levels of theanine.
​Hearthty Matcha is made from green tea leaves grown and harvested in the Uji region of Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. The leaves are GMO-free and gluten-free.
This is the highest quality of Matcha, obtained from the youngest and the finest Tencha leaves of the first harvest. 

Hearthy Matcha Organic Ceremonial grade is ideal for sipping a mellow sweet and creamy texture beverage.
The Premium Matcha Matcha is exceptional for its quality and grade. It is made from the second harvest of Tencha leaves which makes it perfect for a daily Matcha tea or for blending in latte drinks.
This Culinary grade Matcha is exceptional for its quality and taste. It is made from the third harvest of Tencha leaves, which is why it has a stronger taste compared to any other grade. Hearthy Matcha Everyday is perfect for lattes, smoothies, baking, or cooking.