Her journey started back in 2015 when our founder tasted Matcha for the first time. Relatively unknown then by the Western world, Matcha has gained international recognition for its proven health benefits, unique flavour and luscious leafy colour.

“It was green like grass, creamy, soft, and it charged me up like a battery. I felt wonderful.” – Christelle, founder of Hearthy Matcha

Initially beginning as a weekly treat, Matcha soon formed an integral part of her daily routine. Through experimentation with a variety of shapes and styles ranging from traditional ceremonial tea to modern-day lattes, she unlocked a passion for all things Matcha, with a desire to share her experiences with the rest of the world.
In 2020, she created Hearthy Matcha.

Our Matcha travels all the way from Japan to the UK before it is delivered to your doorstep. The journey is not without any greenhouse emissions which is why we also aim to offset our entire carbon footprint.

In fact, we proudly contribute to reforestation projects across the world as part of our "greener journey", so that we can help prevent climate change.

Why not treat yourself to a Hearthy Matcha whilst healing our planet?

It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.

- Albert Einstein -

Our Matcha Quality

Matcha tea is shade-grow, steamed, dried, stone-ground, tea leaves. The leaves are mostly grown in the Japanese fields in various regions, but they can also be found in China or Taiwan. Hearthy Matcha is only sourced in local farms in Japan, in Uji/Kyoto, the most praised regions in the world for its soil and green tea leaves quality. Two to four weeks before the tea leaves are harvested, they are covered to prevent direct sunlight exposure. This process results in a higher Chlorophyll concentration (which give the leaves their vibrant green colour), a sweet taste, and higher levels of theanine.

The Matcha tea will have a different taste depending on when it is harvested. The younger are the leaves, the richer the nutriment. We use the first harvest to produce our authentic Ceremonial Matcha. You are here for a treat!

The second harvest takes place a few weeks following the first. We use the leaves used to produce the Premium Matcha, the taste is slightly stronger than the ceremonial Matcha because of the longer maturity.

The third harvest is traditionally used for mixing drink or cooking, the leaves are the oldest and the strongest in taste. Everyday Matcha is perfect Matcha for adding a touch of healthiness into baking recipes